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miura funds portal

In a world of dis-joined Fund Administration, Risk Management and trading, the aim of the Miura Funds portal is to create a comprehensive system to bring together all the Compliance, Risk and Operational information, and using our real-time workflow and escalation module, provide a platform for COO's to monitor and manage their fund.

All this information is readily accessible via the portal or even on your phone,  to all stakeholders including COOs, Compliance leads and can also give Fund Boards unprecedented transparency into the functioning of the fund.

This information is also easily available for Regulators, allowing Funds in Ireland to comply with the upcoming CP86 regulation

miura funds portal

funds portal functionality

Please find below a video which breaks down the key functionality of the funds portal and how it can transform your fund management business.

The Funds Portal has a number of key modules which support the comprehensive information and reporting requirements of a fund

• GOVERNANCE MODULE – Stores all Core Fund Information, including Secretarial and Board Reporting Information

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE MODULE – Proves fund compliance with every Article of AIFMD and the CBI AIF Rulebook

• RISK MANAGEMENT MODULE – Collate and track your compliance with Market, Credit, Counterparty Risk Thresholds

OPERATIONAL RISK MODULE – Define and track your compliance in real-time with your Operational Risk Control Points

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT MODULE – Track your compliance to your Investment criteria in real-time

CAPITAL AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT MODULE – Stores Capital Reporting and Accounting & Financial Statements

DISTRIBUTION MODULE – Stores the distribution strategy information and documentation and Distribution Plan

REAL-TIME MONITORING, ESCALATION – Workflow module can perform real-time monitoring and escalation of any controls

ANNEX IV REPORTING – Our Annex IV Reporting Module enables a firm to automate their Annex IV Reporting

Please see the diagram below detailing some the funds portal's key functionality, including the article by article tracking of the funds regulatory compliance, risk management threshold monitoring, operational risk controls environment monitoring and the investment threshold escalation, via e-mail

the benefits of the miura funds portal

The miura funds portal has a range of benefits for organisations such as increased control, reduce costs and increase efficiency. These include:


- Analysis costs for the implementation of each new regulation are greatly reduced 

- Minimal Regulatory Audit Costs as regulators just given access to the portal

- Greatly reduced effort required for compliance monitoring and testing programmes


- Complete Regulatory Compliance on one dashboard, means less update meetings for Management & Compliance

- Operational Controls environment on one dashboard with escalation, meaning less risk mgt. meetings

- Minimal involvement in audits due to regulators being able to log into portal and conduct audit remotely  


- The portal allows you to comply with every article in every regulation, ensuring you minimise you exposure to regulatory fines

- Due to the real-time nature of the monitoring, any compliance issues can be spotted and rectified quickly

the funds portal - regulatory compliance

Please call our sales team on 0207 300 7348 to set up an introductory meeting. Real-time regulatory tracking and compliance can come quicker and at a more cost-effective price-point than you think....


- Introductory meeting containing a complete demo of the portal, understanding your business and configure a demo portal for your firm, to illustrate how is could best help your organisation

- FCA Handbook Gap analysis to highlight any gaps on your compliance documentation conducted in 1 day


- A basic version of the portal for a small bank or investment firm can be implemented in 1 to 2 weeks

- Larger implementations depend on the number of legal entities the firm has as the number of regulatory modules that they want their portal to cover


- The portal is charged on an annual fee based on the number of modules that are used.

- There are consultancy fees for the implementation of the system, however these are offset by the fact that the firms compliance monitoring programme will be automated once implemented

the funds portal - regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance is a key challenge for organisations and COO's and this is one of the core competencies of miura's portal solutions. 

Miura's Funds Portal is tailored to the fund, the fund manager and their regulatory requirements covering a range of regulatory handbooks (e.g. CBI AIF Rulebook or the FCA Handbook), European Regulation (e.g. AIFMD) and European Technology Regulation (e.g. GDPR).

Please find below a range of the Regulatory modules we have, which reconcile a fund and fund managers compliance on an article by article basis

  • FCA Handbook

  • CBI AIF Rulebook





  • GDPR

  • Payment Services Directive

The Funds portal is available for UCITS or AIFMs, and for both the UK and Irish Markets.